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  1. My username and password doesnít work for my e-mail.

    Make sure your using the entire e-mail address for the username such as and not just 'john'.

    If you think the password is incorrect then login to your control panel and go under "E-mail" under the Quick Access icon.  Click on your e-mail  address and change the password from the account properties section.

    If you just started your hosting with us, your domain may not yet be pointing to our servers.  In this case, use as your incoming mail server.

    For complete setup information, see Getting Started with Email

  2.  I forgot my control panel username and password.

    If you have forgotten your password but you know your login username, then go here to request that we resend your password.  We will send it to the email address on file for your hosting account.

    If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact us by email.

    Also see "Forgotten Passwords"

  3. How do I pay my bill online?

  4. Iím not receiving my e-mail.

    Check your email software for these settings:

    • Incoming mail server:   (prior to DNS changes, you may use

    • Account name:

    For complete setup information, see Getting Started with Email

  5. How do I update my credit card information.

    • Login to your control panel and click "Billing" on the left menu

    • Click on "Billing Profile."  Then click "edit" next to the credit card drop down menu and

    • Update your card and submit.  If you have a current balance, it will be charged immediately.


  6. My ftp program won't connect to the server.

    • Make sure the hostname that youíre connecting to is (where is your website)  If you just transferred your domain name, use the IP address of your website, found in your Control Panel under WEB OPTIONS.

    • FTP Usernames are a maximum of 8 characters and all lower-case.  Make sure you username matches your control panel username

    • In your FTP software enable "Passive (PASV) ftp transfers"

    For additional help see Getting Started with FTP Uploading


  7. How do I get rid of all the spam I'm getting?

    In your control panel under "E-mail" there is Anti-Spam settings you can enable for all your accounts or for individual accounts.  You can have it label the spam with "POSSIBLE SPAM" or choose to remove it completely.

    For more information see Anti-Spam Protection

  8. How do I renew my domain name? And when does it renew?

    Your domain name will not renew automatically with your hosting.  Sometimes different people will own the hosting and the domain names and so they are handled different.

  9. I want to have my new domain point to my old domain

    To do this you'll need to setup what we call a "Domain Alias."  Follow the steps here to do create the alias.

  10. How do I view my stats for my website?

    You can access your stats by to:

    For AWstats:

    For Webalize:

    If your stats aren't showing, you may need to turn on
    Awstats or Webalizer.  To do so:

    • Log in to your Control Panel

    • Click on the WEB OPTIONS button

    • Go down to either WEBALIZER or AWSTATS and turn them ON.

5 Steps to Getting Started


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