5 Steps to Getting Started

For an easy start to your hosting, here are 5 essential steps to follow.

  1. Your Domain Name

  2. Your "Instant Access" web site address: Prior to your domain name being registered or pointed to our servers, you can view your web site using the Instant Access Domain Alias address.  You should have received this address in your welcome email. It will look something like http://d74876111.u37.hosting-advantage.com/   More info.

    You can also find it by logging in to your Control Panel (see link on top border), then click on WEB OPTIONS button, then at the bottom of the next page look for Instant Access Domain Alias,  Click on the to view the website.  You may also upload files to this web site address.  You don't need to do anything with this address for now, but just be aware that you can use it later after you have uploaded your files or built your web pages.

  3. Email: Prior to your domain name being active, be sure you have setup Email Accounts if you intend to use the email with your domain name.

  4. Build and Upload your web site:  

    • Already created your web site? Then publish your web site to our servers. You can do this prior to the Domain Name being active or pointed to us.

    • Looking for options to create your web site?

      • SiteStudio: requires no extra software and includes pre-made templates.  To use, log in to your Control Panel and click the SiteStudio button. 

      • Microsoft FrontPage: This is an easy to use software that allows you to create and publish your web site and make ongoing changes.   It can be purchased from any retail store offering computer software.   Also see: how to use FrontPage.


  5. Billing:  Remember that your hosting account is on automatic billing.  We will send you billing reminders 30 days prior to the renewal and on the day of the renewal.   If you have a credit card on file, we will charge your card automatically until you inform us that you would like to cancel your hosting.