Update Domain Ownership Information

  1. If your domain was registered with NetFronts in the past 2 years, you can update the details at http://netfronts.com/domain/updatedomain.htm.  If you aren't sure of your password, try to use your Control Panel password.  If that doesn't work, please contact us to retrieve the password.  

  2. If your domain was registered on the older domain system or if you aren't sure when it was registered, use this link to update the information.

  3. If your domain is registered with another domain registrar, then go to their web site to log in and update the ownership information.  If you would like to transfer the domain billing to NetFronts, you may submit a transfer request at http://transfer.netfronts.com

If you received an email with the subject, "Please Verify Contact Data.." click here

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