Getting Started with FTP Uploading

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In order to view your web pages on the Internet, they need to be uploaded onto your web site.  To do this, you need to use a program known as an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol). We recommend using WS FTP LE (free).  Some programs such as Netscape Composer have FTP built in.

Microsoft FrontPage users click here

For most any FTP program that you use, the basic setup you will need is as follows

Server or Host or FTP Name: or your Instant Access Domain

Initial Remote Directory or Remote Directory or Web Page Directory:

/ (i.e. /

Home Page File Name:

The page that you want to show up your 'home' page or starting page should be named one of the following:

  • index.html (must be all lower case)

  • index.htm

  • default.htm

  • welcome.html

Passive Transfer Mode (PASV Mode)

Select YES to Passive Trasfer  option.
In Ws_FTP go to Connect > Advanced Tab > Passive Transfer Mode.

Configuring WS FTP

Configuring Internet Explorer FTP

Configuring Cute FTP Pro

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