NetFronts Billing Information

This document answers the most important questions connected with billing:

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Most billing functions can be accessed in the BILLING MENU:

    1. Log in to your Control Panel

    2. Click on BILLING INFO button




How do I pay by check or credit card?

Option 1: Pay by Credit Card     Click to Watch Video

Option 2: Pay by check

Payments should be sent to:

Netfronts Inc.
Attn: Billing
1801 Wynkoop St Suite 707
Denver CO  80202

To find the amount due, log in to your Control Panel and click on BILLING on the left side.   Look for the amount next to BALANCE that is due.   Click to Watch Video

Need more help?  See Changing Payment Method


How do I change my credit card number?

To edit a billing profile, select Billing Profile in the Billing menu. You would be taken to a page similar to this:


How can I cancel my hosting?

To cancel, please see


How do I view and print my billing history?     Click to Watch Video

To print an invoice from web hosting account control panel (Similar to viewing billing history)

  1. Enter your user name and password at your Control Panel Login.

  2. Click on “Billing Info” icon in Quick Access, lower portion of screen. Or, in left side menu, click on “Billing.” Billing menu will expand with more options.

  3. Click on “Billing Statements.” A list of invoices with specific billing dates will appear. Just click the invoice description to view more detail about a billing period.

  4.  To view the most current billing history, click on the invoice that reads (Date – open). A detail of that billing period will appear in chronological order with the most recent transaction shown at the bottom of the invoice. Transactions that appear with the taupe background are system generated fees. Transactions include the web hosting plan renewal and any additional fees for services that are utilized outside the specifications of the plan. Transactions that appear with a yellow background are credits or debits, which may include manually processed transactions related to your account.

  5.  To view a print friendly version of your invoice, click on the printer icon    in the upper right hand corner of the invoice table. When a new window opens with INVOICE printed at top of page, click print in “File” menu or print icon on browser header.

  6. To view the method of payment currently active on your account, click on “Billing Profile.”


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