Changing Hosting Plans

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Changing plans or changing between Linux and Windows

Change you would like to make: Price How-to Change:

Change your plan or plan length

Your billing period will not restart.    You will be credited the old hosting fee for the remaining time on the account, and then charged a new pro-rated amount.  See hosting plan descriptions at

Log in to your Control Panel.  
Go to Billing > Billing Profile.  
Next to your Plan name or Period, click the CHANGE button.

Remove domain and replace with new domain

No Charge

Can be done from within Control Panel. Click on Domain Settings. Delete Current Domain then Add New.

Move stand alone account into a Webmaster plan $30 Contact NetFronts Support
Move from Linux account to a Windows plan or vice versa $15 See this Link
Move a Webmaster domain to a stand alone account $15  (in addition to the price of the new plan, plan dates will be affective the day of the move.) Contact NetFronts Support