Creating, promoting and managing your site

Your account comes with a comprehensive suite of web tools that will help you create, promote and manage your sites:


SiteStudio  to create a professional website without knowing HTML
   Already create your website?  See Uploading Help

Before you pay a fortune to a web design studio or waste hours making a nice-looking web site in FrontPage, consider our online site builder that will create you a professional website in a matter of minutes and post it to your directory on the server.

To start SiteStudio, do the following:

  • Select Quick Access in the Account menu.
  • Click SiteStudio icon on the page that appears.

See the Site Studio Guide


WebShell to manage files in your home directory


AwStats (VIDEO)

Webalizer to track and report your website statistics

Adding Scripts to your site (Counter, Chat, Form to Email)

Search Engine Submit to register your website with major search engines

Reverse Traceroute to troubleshoot your domain

This net troubleshooting tool allows you to ping any Internet host from your hosting server. In other words, you can use this tool to determine if a host is reachable and how long it takes for the signal to go all the way through.

To launch the Reverse Traceroute tool, do the following:

  • Select Trace Route link in the Domain Settings menu.
  • In the form that appears, enter the host name or the IP address of the server you would like to ping:

  • Select the timout period. If you see the connection is slow, select a bigger period.
  • Click Trace and wait for the result. The next page will show all the hosts that were passed to reach the target server.

Streaming Audio and Video

Hosting Additional Domains







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