Email FAQ

I'm getting errors when I try to check my email

Step 1: Check that you have your 'incoming mail server' configured to be:  If you just changed over to our servers, then you may need to use as the incoming mail server for a week, until starts to work

Step 2: Make sure the user ID (called Account Name in Outlook) is your full email address, such as  Don't just use 'john'.

Step 3: Log in to your Control Panel and reset your email password.  You can do this by clicking on the Email button at the bottom.  Then click your email address and click the password button.

I can't send mail

What email program should I use?

To check mail on your computer, we recommend Microsoft Outlook Express.  Outlook Express comes free with Internet Explorer, which can be downloaded at

Where do I log in to Webmail?

You can log in to webmail at and then click on IMP MAIL.  Remember when logging in to use your full email address.  If doesn't work yet, you can also use

Also see Webmail FAQ

I can't send out email or am getting 'Relaying Denied' message

         Please see this page

How do I change my AntiSpam Settings?

How do I identify 'spoofed' email headers?

My ISP is blocking port 25 and I can't send through your SMTP server

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