When sending mail through the server, getting 'socket error' or 'relaying denied'

  1. If you are using your ISP to send mail, then you should contact them regarding this error.  The reason is that when you send through their server, it never goes through our server, and therefore we can't fix it. To check if you are sending mail through your ISP, look at your "Outgoing or SMTP Mail Server" name in your email configuration.  If it has your ISP's domain name in it, such as or then you are using their server.  In Outlook Express, it's under Tools-->Accounts-->Properties.  Anyone using AOL's mail software cannot change or view this.   

    We recommend that you use your ISP's outgoing mail server, as it generally is located closer to where you are, and therefore speed is not as much an issue.  However, if you need to use our outgoing mail server and are still receiving errors,  go onto step #2

  2. Remember to check mail before sending mail.   By receiving your email first we are able to authenticate you as our customer and allow you to send out mail.  If you set your email software to check mail every 10 minutes, you should not have to worry about remembering to check mail prior to sending.

  3. If you are sending through our servers (you are using or then your ISP may be blocking the Sending Mail Port.  To fix this, see this page.

  4. Try to disable any firewall that you are running on your computer.  It may be blocking outgoing email.

  5. Go into outlook express as normal,click on tools, accounts, mail, properties, then advanced, check your settings there

    i.e. outgoing mail 25  (try changing this to port 26)
    incoming mail (pop3) 110
    Break apart 110

    Now try to send a message.  Be sure to 'check mail' first.

  6. To reduce the size of your messages, go to Outlook express's Tools-> Options -> Send Tab and my mail sent format is HTML. Changed it to text format.

  7. If you still receive a socket error when trying to send mail, the last option is to use your web-based email at