Using our SMTP (Outgoing) Mail Server
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What is an outgoing mail server?

When you send an email, that email has to be "launched" out onto the Internet so it can reach its destination.  This is done through an outgoing mail server, also known as a mail relay.  95% of customers will be able to use their Internet Access Provider's outgoing mail server, which is typically called or  This is a setting in the mail software that you use.  In Outlook Express, it's under Tools-->Accounts-->Properties.  Anyone using AOL's mail software cannot change or view this.

Who should use the outgoing mail server?

If I can use my ISP's outgoing mail server, should I use the outgoing mail server on the hosting  server instead?

No, we don't advise that.  You will typically be able to send mail quicker and with less difficulty through your ISP because you are located very close to that server geographically.

I can't use my ISP's outgoing mail server, how do I use my domain's mail server?

  1. Set the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER in your Email Program setup to be or (prior to DNS transfer or registration)

  2. When sending mail, you first have to check mail.  After checking mail, you have a 15-minute window of time when you can send mail through the server.  The server allows you to send mail based on your IP address.  (Your dial-up provider assigns you a temporary IP address every time you dial up.)

  3. Some ISPs will block you from using outside mail servers.  To get around this block, see this page.

  4. You do not need to specify in your software that the outgoing server requires Authentication.  Just be sure to check mail 15 minutes prior to sending out.

If you receive a 'Socket Error' or 'Relaying Denied' message when trying to send mail, see this page.

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