FTP Uploading FAQ

I can't Upload.  Am getting FTP Time out errors

There are 3 common reasons your FTP program may time-out when trying to connect to upload files.

  1. Your firewall may be blocking your access.  Try to turn on PASSIVE TRANSFER mode, which is an option in all FTP programs.  In Ws_FTP, it is under Session Properties > Advanced Tab > Passive Transfers.

  2. You may have the wrong Host Name.  If your domain is pointed at our servers, then use yourdomain.com as the host name.  If it's not pointed there yet, try to use web.hosting-advantage.com, or use your IP address, which you can find in your Control Panel under WEB OPTIONS.

  3. Your disk space may be filled.  To check, log in to your Control Panel.  On the main page it will show disk usage.  If it is over the limit, you will need to either delete files, change your plan to the next level, or increase your disk storage by clicking CHANGE under Disk Usage.

My FTP program disconnects right in the middle of a transfer.

Usually the reason for a transfer to stop in the middle of transferring a file would be because your ftp disk usage has run out.  Login to your control panel and look at the "Disk Usage.Ē If youíre about at your limit you might want to upgrade to a higher plan or increase the amount of disk space youíre using.  

If the disk space looks good then itís possible that the FTP disk usage doesn't match your total disk usage.  Click on "FTP/User account" on the left menu and then "FTP user."  There you should see your total FTP disk space.  If it does not match what it should be for the disk space then click the "change" button and update it to the correct amount and try to upload your file again.

I'm uploading pages but they aren't showing up?

If the login page shows up as your home page, index.html, has not been replaced by another index page, then anyone going to domainname.com will still see the login page instead of your home page.

Just delete the index.html file and anything after it in this list will then come up automatically.

If you still aren't sure what to do, just delete all INDEX pages in your /yourdomain.com folder. Then upload your index.html or index.htm page and that will show up as the HOME PAGE.

Can I add additional FTP users who only have FTP access?

(Linux Only) Yes, for more information see using FTP Subaccounts.

Windows plans should use Anonymous FTP to allow others to upload.

How can I view hidden files?

Why is my page not coming up?

I have slow speeds or time-outs

Is there an online File Manager?

Yes, there is an online File Manager called WebShell for both Linux and Windows plans.  To use, log in to your Control Panel, and click on WEBSHELL at the bottom.

What software can I use to upload my pages?

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