Your Temporary Home Page

Your "Instant Access" web site address: Prior to your domain name being registered or pointed to our servers, you can view your web site using the Instant Access Domain Alias address.  You should have received this address in your welcome email. It will look something like   

You can also find it by logging in to your Control Panel (see link on top border), then click on WEB OPTIONS button, then at the bottom of the next page look for Instant Access Domain Alias,  Click on the to view the website.  You may also upload files to this web site address.  You don't need to do anything with this address for now, but just be aware that you can use it later after you have uploaded your files or built your web pages.

The moment your account is registered, a temporary index page is added to your site's directory. It will look like this:

It will be there until you upload your site and replace it with your own index page (e.g. yoursite/index.html). Meanwhile, from this temporary page you can: