Secure Forms

What is a secure form?

It is a secure page (the lock will show in the browser) where a user enters information securely.  This information is then emailed to you.  See a LIVE EXAMPLE.

Secure Forms are available on Linux Accounts only and not Windows.

What are the steps to create a Secure Form?

A) Enable SSL for your site

  1. Log in to your Control Panel

  2. Click on the SSL Button.  

  3. Turn ON the Shared SSL.

B) Enable the Form Mail Script

  1. Select the Web Options button

  2. Click the Edit icon in the Preinstalled Scripts field.

  3. Enable the formmail for domains in the list.

  4. Click the View icon for more instructions.

  5. If you are creating the form with Frontpage, follow these steps:

    1. Create the form in Frontpage.

    2. Right-Click on the form and select Form Properties.

    3. Select the Send to Other button

    4. Select Options

    5. Next to Action enter:      /cgi-bin/formmail/formmail.cgi

    6. Click on the Advanced button.  Select Add.  In the top box enter the word recipient and then your email address in the bottom box.

    7. Additional optional fields that you may enter in the Advanced area include:  subject, redirect, and required.

    8. Click OK twice and then save and publish your form.


C) Access the form using your Secure Location

  1. Click on the SSL button in your Control Panel

  2. Click the View Icon under Shared SSL

  3. Your website will appear in the secure location.  Type the location of your form next to the secure location.  This is the secure location you should link to in your website.

D) Modify the formmail.cgi file

  1. In Control Panel click on WEBSHELL.

  2. Browse to yourdomain > cgi-bin > formmail > and click on the formmail.cgi file (not

  3. On right side click on EDIT

  4. In the formmail.cgi file, go down to the line that says 'referrers'.  It will look like this:

    @referers = ('');

    Change it to this:

    @referers = ('','');

    Note, you are adding the secure URL to the referrers line to allow this URL to access the script

  5. Save the file.


You're finished!  Submit a test to make sure.  If it doesn't work, please go back through the steps