Turn on Country Codes for AWstats

If you are using AWstats, you may wish to have the program show the country where your visitors are coming from.  ie, 20% from the US, 10% from France, etc.  Note that Country Codes are only available in AWstats and not in Webalizer.

To turn on Country Codes:

  1. First make sure you have AWstats turned on by going to your-domain-here.net/cgi-bin/awstats.pl.  If your AWstats are not turned on, see this page for steps to turn it on.

  2. Log in to your Control Panel

  3. Click on the FILE MANAGER button

  4. Click on your-domain-name, then on the cgi-bin folder.

  5. Click on the awstats.your-domain-here.com.conf file

  6. In the bottom right, click on the EDIT button.  This will bring up the file that you can edit.

  7. Press Control-F to find text.  In the box, type "geoipfree"   Find this line of text:

    #  LoadPlugin="geoipfree"

  8. Remove the # so that the line reads:


  9. Save the file.  

  10. Within 24 hours, your AWstats page should start to show the country origination of visitors, using the 'Countries' link button in AWstats.

If you have trouble with the steps above, please contact support and request that we set this up for you.