Dada Mail, Newsletter Software (Linux Plans only)

What is Dada Mail?  
Dada Mail is an intuitive, web-based e-mail list management system, which can be installed to run on your Linux hosting account (Will not run on Windows accounts).  It is a free software offered by Dada, (formerly called Mojo Mail.)

What does it do?

Does NetFronts support this software?
Our servers do support this software.  However, we do not provide ongoing technical support for the software, since it is not offered directly by NetFronts.  However, we have found it to be a very reliable software that functions error-free.  

We provide you with the basic settings that you need when installing the software but we do not provide in-depth help to install the software.   If you prefer to have NetFronts install the software for you, we can do so for a $25 fee.  Simply contact us and request setup of the software.

What are the steps to install Dada Mail?

  1. Download the software from their website at

  2. Follow their installation steps.

    1. During configuration, the variable #2 is the following:     /hsphere/local/home/username/lists
      Change username to your actual FTP username
      Change 'lists' to the folder that you have created to store your Dada Lists.

    2. The path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail

    3. The installation steps will require you to change permissions on files.  You can do this using FTP or using the FILE MANAGER.  

  3. After you have installed the software and created the list, be sure to change your SENDING OPTIONS to use Batch Sending.  

    1. Log in to your list administration

    2. Click on SENDING OPTIONS on the left side


    4. Change the period to send 200 messages every 10 minutes.  

    5. This will ensure that your program does not overload the server.  Overloading the server may cause your script to be disabled automatically.